Poetry Archive :: The Sensual World (Redux)

It has been mentioned elsewhere that this week has very much involved an improvement to process, but that was primarily wrapped around short story writing. This piece has not significantly altered from it's original, when all is said and done. Crucially the verse benefits from an increased awareness of my inner poetic 'voice.' That has … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Sensual World (Redux)

Poetry Archive :: Hate

Welcome to Week Two of 'Editing my own Work for Fun' and not only is this still true, but it's becoming very much the learning experience. This, structurally, was a bit of a challenge: working to strict syllable counts has the potential to do my head in on difficult days. As a result, there is a … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Hate

Poetry Archive :: Transition One

Welcome to the first of what will be four week's worth of recycled content, looked at with what probably counts as a more mature set of eyes, considering the original of this piece was first written just over a year ago. The brief for all these 'upgrades' is simple: improve on the originals. In this … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Transition One

Poetry Archive :: Didactic

For the next few weeks I'll be revisiting and editing some of the previous work I've produced and reposting it here. On reflection, the originals will be removed, because there doesn't need to be two copies of the same thing hanging about. Would this poem be picked for an edit going forward? I'm quite pleased … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Didactic

Poetry Archive :: Cheat

Yet again, subconscious works in mysterious ways. Also, hugely indicative of current events. Cheat Compulsive crier, reductive sophistication: behold cuckold, in flagrante dickto morals around ankles. Evidence, inescapably handheld: infidelity scrolled, swiped witnesses retweeting scandal. Backlash, slapdash forum attacks: blood boils anger, moral turpitude totally expected. Extremists, concocting indignation: bias-based arguments, personal agendas lacking balance. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Cheat

Poetry Archive :: Exit Strategy

https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1096360387312799745 Exit Strategy White-boarded brainstorm, arrogance deformed: exit compromised foolishness; applied. Planning strategy, joint complicity: cast means of escape; arrogance relates. Belongings crated, business updated: close door as you leave, consequence conceived. Unsurprising end, quiet lover, best friend: relationship done replacement begun. One in, other’s gone yet both still alone: eternal lament, soul never content.

Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

This week, I've discovered that many people can become uncomfortable when dealing with mental illness using poetry. For me, that is all this is, in effect: a process by which I am learning tools to better communicate what exactly goes on within this mind. Those skills will never be honed: for the rest of my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Open Wound