Beautiful Day

Everybody I know is glued to CNN. Suddenly all proper work seems to have stopped mattering, except before we started here two events were booked on Zoom to attend next week, both to help me focus on creative practice and work out WTF I do about making money going forward. The second one, let’s be honest, is the one that matters most and I will be taking copious notes. It isn’t just about throwing stuff out and hoping someone cares any more.

NaNo has reminded me that I am a very capable fiction writer, who can create a compelling narrative with drama and human interest, and maybe once this is done that Amazon publishing account needs to be used more than it has been of late. There will be a poetry book in the next few weeks, sure, but maybe some of my other work deserves a platform too. A growing body of quality output grants potentially more ways to bring in some cash.

The video projects are also the gifts that keeps on giving, and hopefully if I keep chipping away at things, we might have a realistic chance at making that successful too. It requires me to be ruthless as well as artistic, which is a combination that is already providing some fascinating results. This weekend I launch a weekly VLOG on the YouTube Channel. It will be interesting to see how people respond to this and whether there is any traction in ‘educational’ content.

Watch this Space.

Rise Up

This will be the last post on-site before the big reorganisational change happens, starting next week. Having committed to the change, I’d like to get started on the nuts and bolts changes that need to happen behind the scenes. That will involve a Secret Bonus Area for Patreon followers, accomodation for the NEW Weekly Newsletter… plus shifting around all the old stuff to become more friendly and accessible.

Therefore, starting next week you can expect to see stuff morph and evolve before your very eyes. I don’t have the luxury of just shutting everything down, after all, so we’ll sort as much of the architecture out as possible within the existing framework, then turn up and give the thing a lick of new paint. After all, it would be rubbish to do that first and then discover a bunch of stuff is no longer fit for purpose…


Then, we’ll relaunch everything in April, with a brief moment for World Poetry Day on March 21st. Of course, you’ll still be able to read my daily rantings via Twitter or on the Laughing Geek Website, or observe my increasing graphic competence via Instagram. I’m going to also be overhauling Ko-Fi to link up with the Patreon, so you can go take a look at that too when everything is complete.

Consider it a general Spring Clean for everything.


Oh yeah, and about Patreon. I’m gonna go for it again: there is no idea who will be interested, can only hope the content ends up speaking for itself. Lots of people are struggling to get by and won’t ever be able to afford to support me anyway, and as a result I’ve decided to give this whole thing until December to see whether there is enough interest to push forward.

Is what I do worth paying for? It’ll soon be time to see for myself…

It’s a Small World

Today, we start a daily endeavour for the next week, which may well be extended as time goes on, depending on reception. I’m using every character of the 280 word Twitter limit to tell tiny stories about technology, and how it might alter our lives as time goes on. I’ll then be adding all the tweets (and the tales) to this thread so that when the week is done, you have a record of them all.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Here is the News:: February 18th, 2017

The Most Expensive Way to Die?


So, if you have ¬£80 to spare and happen to be in West London in the near future, you can pop into Harrods and pick yourself up a bottle of Svalbar√įi¬†. The Guardian’s article¬†covers all the moral indignation and larger social consequences¬†that I might want to throw into this reflection, but fails to consider a larger consequence of ‘harvesting’ ice which was, in the blurb of the website,¬†‘locked up for millennia and fresh as the day it fell as snow¬†… captured, melted and bottled during its brief few months of life before it melts away forever.’¬†For my bigger concern, you need to go back to a Guardian article in August of last year which reported that a¬†12-year-old boy in the far north of Russia (inside the Arctic Circle) died in an outbreak of anthrax.¬†This¬†snow might look white and pure, but what could be locked inside it is anything but.

There’s a lot of the past we know little about, and are even less prepared to fight against when it comes to viruses and diseases, which have proven historically to be far hardier when frozen than the average bag of water and bone. Yet, in that pursuit of the ultimate, people think this shit matters, with (as is apparent) very little thought for anything other than profit. You would think by now the memo would have been read that climate change is not something to be exploiting or indeed ignored, but it appears that the reality of destruction continues to fall on deaf ears. It won’t help that the new Head of the EPA in the US is¬†a man who has spent the majority of his career trying to fight the Agency over various initiatives, including Clean Energy, but we all know what a train wreck American Government currently resembles.

Chris Pratt Will Not Save You


It’s like the¬†plot from¬†the¬†fourth-highest-grossing film of all time: scientists at Harvard are close to splicing DNA from mammoths that were preserved in Arctic permafrost with a modern day elephant to make an attraction for a theme park¬†the first mammoth/elephant hybrid and let’s stop the genome bus right here, shall we? I’ve seen this movie, even before Chris Pratt was training velociraptors. Just because you can do something does not mean you should.¬†Cloning sheep was all well and good, GM-modifying crops to help them survive is borderline NOPE and this…? Just stop it, science. It’s not big or clever to play God, quite apart from the fact he doesn’t exist. Fucking about with nature has serious consequences. Even if you haven’t seen Jurassic anything, these science types need to watch Mimic as a matter of urgency.

Of course, the other side to this coin involves a swab, 150 quid and the chance to reveal you past and future to the World:


23 and Me allows you, for a nominal fee, to get your DNA sequenced. Undoubtedly this is the future, and not making Mammoths because you can.

Get you a World Leader That Can Do Both

You want a man in charge who can dodge the Orange Twat’s handshake one day, and look like an extra from a Spielberg movie the next. Whoever was holding the camera for this shot knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and has produced one of the most impressive staged photographs I’ve seen for some time. It doesn’t matter that this is just that, by the way, because so much of life for people like this ends up as very well regimented, manufactured experience without the opportunity to be visually striking. Yes, it’s a Instagram moment if ever I saw one, but that doesn’t stop the impact. I’m betting whoever took this also owns¬†Schindler’s List¬†on DVD.

With my long term plan going forward to do a weekly news post? I’ll see you back¬†in seven days. If you like this, please chuck me a LIKE because it’ll warm the cold, dead ventricles of my heart.

I Saw The Light

Where this all begins. 

Occasionally, a moment strikes you, and the perfection of that understanding just cannot be ignored.

I’m a very particular kind of Gamer: hate handhelds, never understood consoles, love getting lost in turn-built Godsims, have an unhealthy obsession with one MMO. But what makes me most unique of all is that I’m 48 and a woman. LOOK HETEROSEXUALS I’M NOT USING MY BODY TO ADVERTISE THIS POST and although I enjoy looking at beautiful naked forms as much as the next person, this is not why I say what I am at outset. I’ve not arrived in your browser to flaunt my female privilege at you, or indeed anyone else, and if I’m fucking awful at a game it’s because I’m just bad, not because I’m a woman. So once you get that pile of issues out of the way, we can proceed to the matter in hand.

Gaming’s in a really interesting place right now, and I think more people should be considering the possibilities that are on offer in the years that follow. I’m talking about lovely words like Transmedia and Virtual Reality which encompass right now a lot of very disparate subjects and areas, and which don’t really have anyone pointing out their issues or shortcomings. Right now, mostly, people get excited, and that often means there’s no real thought going into the opinions that get tossed about. However, what bothers me more is the fact that the views of the ordinary person often simply doesn’t get considered in all of this. Yeah, gaming ‘journalists’ and ‘commentators’ are ten a penny these days, every nerd with a console can do that. But where’s the actual thought and consideration?


Mostly, everybody wants to make money from the gravy train that Gaming is becoming, especially as eSports moves more into the mainstream. Except, I’ll be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck about gaming as competition. Gaming as immersion however is far more interesting, and although it may give people the screaming abdabs and create visions of dystopian futures? Lots of people will be giving this side of computer-generated entertainment a lot more interest in the years that follow including, I suspect, the Pornography industry. And that’s where traditional gaming media will throw up their hands in disgust and walk away, but really they shouldn’t. Because eSports pales into insignificance when held up next to pornography, and you can bet VR is going to exploited there with transmedia as soon as is conceivably possible.

It would take a brave woman to try and straddle all those areas simultaneously AND not get her tits out for the lads, right?

I can joke about the world I live in until I’m blue in the face, but the prejudices are there, and they never go away. It’s the same with attitudes and expectations when you throw yourself into the public spotlight and I’ve learnt more about in the last year than probably the previous twenty combined. The thing is that the default mode of communication now isn’t the written word, it’s You Tube or Twitch, and these places are horrible, viscous and impersonal spaces where people simply do not listen. I know I need to set myself out on a journey in those spaces, but the fact remains that my words are the best way now to get a point across, and as I learn to wield them better with every passing day, that task becomes ever easier. Plus, with words you’re pushing your reader to make an effort whereas with visuals, you can easily switch off. So, here I am, starting a new path with one goal: write about gaming in a way nobody else can manage, because nobody else is you.

I mean, seriously, how hard can it be?