Salt Water Sound

Occasionally there are moments in your life where it becomes apparent that safe and easy are no longer cutting it. It’s roughly equivalent to plateauing  during a weight loss plan, or realising that all those exercise classes are just giving you somewhere to go, but not really offering anything significant in terms of progress. Unlocking ability can be tough for those of us who struggle with our feelings in the first place.

I have reached the point where something needs to give.


Therefore, for my next big submission I’m trying something really, radically different: so far out of my normal comfort zones as to be a proper struggle. I’m not even sure at this point what I’m doing either, except in the last 48 hours that’s changed: an idea was begun with, and now concepts are beginning to crystallise. If this is how you do grown up writing, it’s a bit less cohesive than I’d like.

However, new experiences are occuring: there I am, washing up, when an entire passage just falls out of my head without prompting. That’s not happened for a very long time and so, it would appear that The Experiment (as it will now be referred to) seems to be at least making the brain function in a differently productive fashion. Where we go, and how it works out, we will talk about as it happens.

The Experiment does now have a name, plus three poems in it’s collection.

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