Beautiful Dreamer This week has been significant. Despite the fairly huge amount of flailing that took place, we still have potential to produce a useful work of short fiction to hit this particular deadline. Next week therefore has been slightly re-arranged: I have another residency proposal to collate and submit, alongside which a first draft of … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer

You Oughta Know :: Two

Yesterday, quite frankly, was one of the most important days I've had since this whole project began. Progress on the Novel had stalled. Twelve days of minimal movement, if at all. The problem, such as it stood, was my insistence that plot needed to go a certain way because that's been the plan since I began … Continue reading You Oughta Know :: Two

You Oughta Know :: One

I'm not here for your benefit. The more progress made, the further down the road travelled, comes a realisation that matters to nobody but me. Every time a personal record is bettered, or a target attained, this is not cause for celebration. A lot of the time, it isn't fun either. Hard work is not, … Continue reading You Oughta Know :: One

GSME Special :: Baby I Don’t Care

Normally I'd wait until Monday for an update on the GSME, but I feel that this needs to be written now, whilst the revelation is still fresh in my mind. I woke up to a mass of emails this morning, happily informing me that I'd almost exhausted the 500k's worth of CoPromote shares I'd stored … Continue reading GSME Special :: Baby I Don’t Care

You Wear It Well

This is where we begin.Before I start, everybody has homework. In order to understand what follows? You need to read this article on how not to say the wrong thing. If you don't read that and then continue onwards? You've missed the entire point of this post.One of the many problems currently with building relationships almost exclusively … Continue reading You Wear It Well