Stones in the Road

This should have been published on Friday, and although it’s sitting in the blog with that date, I’ll be honest, it was posted on the night of the 11th. I managed a week, with accountability, and then reality crashed the party. Thursday and Friday became a blur. I took a previously-scheduled and much needed Mental Health day to London on Saturday and, waking up this morning, any desire to write had summarily evaporated.

However, all is not lost.

Changing tack at the last minute, when there was a different a plan ready to go, might be partially responsible for the sudden disintegration of purpose, but I know myself much better than that. This is about knowing what is going on, and the hastily-sketched timeline produced on Friday is no longer enough. There needs a space to plan on, some Post Its and some string. Tomorrow, once the domestic issues are addressed, and there’s been some lifting of heavy weights, we will get into Work Mode.


I’ve never tried to tackle something this technically complex before, which is part of the problem. However, with the organisational skills that are already possessed, it should not be too much of a reach. I’m betting other people struggle with this shit too, or you wouldn’t have people joking with GIFs about it. In fact, if I remember rightly, I’ve seen at least one movie where the author uses all this stuff to sketch out what has to happen in their fictional opus. That happens for real all the time, right?


So, the next time we talk, there will be a narrative that not only a) can be understood by yours truly but b) allows me to continue the process.

Yes, there will.

Oops I did It Again

Remember when I said everything was ready for NaNoWriMo tomorrow? Well, it really was for weeks and weeks and then suddenly BOOM out of left field came a moment of pure random.

Previously, there was a poll:

…and then there was some shonky organisation yesterday.

Well, it’s now all up there and I’m committed. Starting tomorrow, we’re all about the story of how one short, stocky Wolf Girl overcomes immense adversity and saves her star system, ably assisted by a Fish Man and an Ape Woman. Oh, and there is a symbiotic spaceship as well.

I really hope I know what I’m doing.

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