Poetry Archive :: Don’t Panic

There’s been a phenomenal amount of stress this week, which has not come from the Internet. Fortunately, as you are reading this I’ll (hopefully) be sitting in a field with a drink in my hand and all the trauma will be a distant memory. This set of microverses is the standard reminder to myself that honestly, truthfully, none of this really matters. Just live each day as it comes and stop worrying about everything else.

Don’t Panic

Don’t start with dim outlook:
Life, not some kind of drill.
One run at the track, mate:
How many false starts now?

Prevaricate, pointless
Helps nobody long term.
Hiding sudden panic
Fact: everyone’s alone.

Once dust settles, centre
Thoughts, redirecting self.
No more self-absorption
Break apart this problem.

Always take assistance
Whenever given: friend
In your corner, support
During difficulty.

Far brighter future when
Ownership taken, life
Improving steadily:
Strong future, reinforced.


Poetry Archive :: Connected

Considering the amount of time I spend in the Virtual World, there really pught to be more written about it from a poetic standpoint. Consider this notice that’s going to happen, and that there’s a tenable connection between life and data.

Again, another one for the ‘very happy how it turned out’ pile.


Your head’s in the Cloud,
Virtual resonance moves;
Desires anthesis.

Neurons intertwine: perfect
Synergy commenced.

Together, upload
Combined want: arousal sparks
Joint start-up sequence.

Data conjoining,
Interfaces touch: buffered
Downloads intermix.

New programme written,
Connecting: past and present,
Our aggregation.


Poetry Archive :: Disconnected

Amazingly, this has worked far better than I’d initially expected. In fact, this is something I’m very proud of. It’s also ended up as incredibly personal.

Funny how that happens sometimes.


Palpable loss, surrounding
Remains of this broken brain:
Was deconstruction worthwhile?
Unplugged, life disconnected.

Corpse of worthwhile anguish, strewn:
Crime scene sectioned off, weapon
Bloodied yet unbowed. Escape
Impossible; arrested.

Considering our failures,
Largely worthless exercise:
Run instead past this roadblock
Fleeing pointless metaphor.

Command, unconnected bursts
Randomly piled. Makes no sense
Yet begins transformation,
Create order in chaos.

From disassociation,
Confused, frightening signals
Finally, things get better:
Simplicity emerging.

Poetry Archive :: Survival

Understanding yourself is the most important thing that will ever be achieved in order to successfully survive reality.


Decision simple:
Die on this hill? Or, perhaps
Stop; reconsider.

So many years spent
Questioning existence, to
Reach this conclusion.

Reality, now
Finally registers: no
Turning back, assess.

Assemble your facts
Consider: how much as truth
What is imagined?

Survival matters
As brighter future beckons:
New journey begins.


Poetry Archive :: Inevitability

It appeared there was one more week of rhymes that had been overlooked, but this is everything now. I’m also scheduling this several days earlier than normal, which is hopefully now going to stick as habit. However, neither of these things matters as much as the content of this poem. This is the first of a series, marking a significant milestone in my personal life. It is tagged as such for search purposes going forward, and as poetry will be (in part) the means by which a story is told.

Sometimes, there needs to be courage to admit your failings.


The moment when
A light-bulb glows:
There’s no escape,
Consciousness knows.

The time has come
Choice must be made:
Relax, accept
Don’t be afraid.

The action next
May well depend:
Around belief
How things will end.

The trust in self
Beyond reproach:
With rest of world
This subject, broach.

The firm belief
You’re just not whole:
Becomes the goal.


Poetry Archive :: Transformation


This is a customer announcement: the ‘rhyming poetry’ phase on Internet of Words has now come to an end: for the foreseeable future this website will be dealing with more aesthetic poetic forms. Thank you.



Make me something more:
Not pale version of her,
Life held before.
Instead, allow moments
Chance to erase;
Complete, differing start.

Create vision fresh:
Vital reinvention,
Born though feeling.
Form new relationship,
Strong foundations;
Brilliant structures.

Once established, give
Nurture plus compassion:
Care so worthwhile.
Us, indestructible;
Future-proofed love,
Embracing present.

These aspirations
Defining precious whole,
Building future.
Destination fixing
Current aspects;
Our explanation.

Together, beating
Pulses synchronising;
This body, whole.
Emotions come to rest,
Passion, transcending.

Poetry Archive :: Revelation

The process of growth and self-improvement continues apace. Each week is different: whether it be interaction with others, or deeper understandings of self. This week, I’ve used balance as a means not only of focus but enlightenment. Other people have made me consider how I deal with my own issues. Mostly, it has been a series of revelations.

It is odd how sometimes what I write about at the start of a week gains a new significance by the end.


Instant of feeling,
Light perceived: revelation
Brings understanding.

Mind shifts, expansion;
Gradual comprehension,

What could be achieved,
Later consideration:
Options are endless.

Only restriction
Initial consternation:
Am I capable?

Don’t worry, ‘what if’
Needs application: wait, whilst
Instincts spark, respond.

Ambient Noise :: Static

Between notes, switching channels
Noise, stands still.
Call ends, message sends
Static borne, dies.
Pushed into pockets
Slipped behind sofas;
Ends of conversations, begin silence.
Lost in transmission
Translated by robots.
Spaces between, unseen.

No-one hears, too much talking
Care, absent.
Trolls lurk in websites
Wish them, away.
Mute noise then move on
Curate out the wrong;
Begin friendships, end this digital live.
Remember outside
Forgotten by humans.
Vast spaces, inviting.


Poetry Archive :: Exhale

Rhyming is becoming a bit of a millstone, and there’s a sense that my next bunch of micropoetry might ignore it all together. For now, of the two things written last week, this is the one I’m far more satisfied with.

This is the better descriptive work, and come closest to what I wanted to achieve.


With each outward breath,
Exhale these sins: shortcomings
Removed, exorcised.

Allow stresses space
Leeching through skin: emerging
Stronger consciousness.

Let go of each doubt,
Weight shed, body lightening
Breathing, in and back.

Finally, relaxed
Truths will reveal: within you
Strength, courage exists.

Calm mantra creates
Coercive mind: empowered,
All is possible.

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