The Long Kiss Goodbye

Amazingly, we're seven days into January already, which I have to say feels more like a full month of brain pushed to the literary grindstone. Amazingly, there is break scheduled at the end of this week, as there's two major submissions on the board. Number one went this morning, after more than the usual portion … Continue reading The Long Kiss Goodbye

Poetry Archive : Holy

Mucking about with Christmas Hymns is my new jam. At some point over Christmas, when bored and not editing something important (there's a list on the wall already) I'll go back and give these efforts a do-over. However, as this stands, I'm really proud of it. Holy Moment, silent caress; together, here: holy moments, calm … Continue reading Poetry Archive : Holy

Poetry Archive : Silent

This little diversion into non-rhyming is going very well, thanks very much. Silent This year, alone best choice; direction marked not through light of yonder star. Inns empty, shepherds crooked, drive away Christmas: northwards, following enlightened prophesy. Alone’s not sinful, redemptive festive escape: without tinsel, sparkle, overzealous consumption. Mountains beckon, practical snow, rewarding effort, exploration; … Continue reading Poetry Archive : Silent

Poetry Archive : En Lighten Ment

Most people don't publish the poetry they muck about with, but I'm having fun playing in public. It is a continuing exercise of looking at how words fit into sentences, that rhyming is no longer a requirement but that sometimes, it becomes almost essential to do just that. Nobody has taught me how this happens, … Continue reading Poetry Archive : En Lighten Ment

Poetry Archive :: Sacred

I would love to write a comic. If any artist out there needs someone to provide words, or would be prepared to illustrate my stuff? I'd so collaborate. For now, I have to dream my futures. Sacred One moment, offered earnestly, unannounced transforms entire existence with a smile. This picture, napkin drawn, instant facsimile of … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Sacred

Poetry Archive :: Driven

I like this, for lots of reasons. A fraction of my work suffers from the inevitable stresses and strains forced on me due to daily production, but this piece was born pretty much fully formed. It has inevitably been influenced by SciFi Brain which is prevalent in my direction and actions (thanks to NaNoWriMo) but is, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Driven

Poetry Archive :: Scared

Sorry it's late. I have a lot on. Scared Running late, phone conversations under-cooked chicken, evenings alone psychological horror stories; my hair straighteners are still switched on. Locking myself out of our house, again forgetting which tablets were taken with lunch; a constant ache I am not enough, inability to keep up with their games. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Scared