Adventures in Babysitting

It’s been a Week. The two Open Mics were more successful than I could possibly have imagined. From one, a recommendation from a hero to submit. From the other? I’m pretty certain it earned me the chance to spend 15 minutes on the Big Kid’s Table…

In Full Disclosure News, I made the poster, because it might be a while before anyone else puts my face on anything, and you take the chances whenever they arise. Questions need to be asked next week as to a) how long I do in fact get to read, b) whether its in the first half or second and c) if graphics can be used. I think the last one is the least important right now, but am seriously thinking about the possibility of presentation. Maybe that happens when it’s just me doing both halves…

I’ll be talking more about this in the weeks leading up to the event, but needless to say, a LOT of publicity is going to happen. It is the least I can do as thanks for the opportunity. Having never read for longer than five minutes before?

This undoubtedly is a game changer.

First Steps

Like it says on the front page, I won summat this month.

The maths, of course, is a lie. There’s been a ton of submissions this year, and far more failures than successes. I’ve learnt so much, yet made minimal progress, if you decide to count acceptance as the benchmark. The reality, of course, is that there’s been so much growth and renaissance regardless. You never stop learning. Success doesn’t allow you, in this version of reality, to sit back and assume suddenly you’re good. Nope, this is a first step. Small, tentative but undoubtedly with determination, and most importantly forward.

I’m already looking forward, working on stuff for submission over Christmas. The stuff in my Big Book of Poetry that has failed will be looked at again, and if anything in there remains worthwhile of a retool, it will happen. This year’s lessons are well-learnt: don’t keep pinning your hope on the same thing, diversify, learn from mistakes, keep looking for a focus, don’t get distracted. The most important point of all however is to BE MYSELF, and that means that this is a victory and is celebrated as such.

No other bugger’s gonna promote me, so time to get on with it.

I’m a published poet now. That’s bloody brilliant, that is.

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