Internet of Words :: T Minus Seven Days


Finally, it’s a week to go. I’ve been working incredibly hard since the last time we spoke getting the back end of the site to a decent state, ready to receive the upcoming dump of data. The last of the tier rewards are now being produced and will be on their way shortly, so I can finally get pictures into the Patreon site. If you’re following the IoW Feed on Twitter there will be an opportunity to snag some exclusive prizes starting on Sunday, but for now there’s been a subtle but obvious increase in advertising. I’d like to thank the new people joining me on the journey, and hope I can make you think as well as have some fun along the way.

For now, you’ll be seeing a daily countdown on the Twitter feed and an introduction to the discussion topics around words and how the Internet uses them. Once we get to Monday, expect everything to go into Serious Mode as the Patreon will be open for Twitter followers. Before that, we’ll be running through the rewards available, what you can ask me to do for you (and yes, there will be individually produced content) providing a flavour of the first Book of the Month plus discussions arising. More significantly for some of you, there may also be an AMA for Launch day…


Thank you again for joining me, and may this be the beginning of a fruitful and entertaining relationship… 😀

Big Time

‘Ere Bert, this is the place… ^^

Most of you will know this site as a place where I rant when I’m now writing about games.

Well, as of today, all of that subtly changes, because this was always a place I was going to stick up my fictional writings. I’d planned to start this BEFORE November but having my main writing PC go BANG late last week has put the planning back a few days. However, I will not be deterred.

This week therefore, as I know a lot of you will be travelling or working, I will begin to build something interesting for you to read online.

I’d ask you to bookmark this site, follow me using that there Google thing, and begin the long and often tortuous process of girding your loins. If you come back here tomorrow, all will be revealed.

Yes, I’m rubbish at building up my own work.