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I’m here today in an attempt to sell myself. Normally, this does not end well, because as a typical Brit the process of self promotion is often difficult and fraught with doubt. One of my best friends (who is an American) does her very best to try instil within me a sense of self worth, but often I won’t listen. I’d like to say however that after several years of trying to foster this concept, there’s a measure of success, or else I wouldn’t be here on a Saturday afternoon on the closest thing to a mission that’s ever been undertaken during my fifty and a bit years on Planet Earth.

I’ve been blogging for seven of those, and for the first time yesterday heard someone describe me as ‘edgy.’ The reaction to this was firstly surprise, and then a scramble to Google to make sure the definition in my mind was the same as what counts for current parlance. Amazingly, I wasn’t far off:


The first one is more true than I’d care to admit on any given day but it was the second that briefly buoyed my confidence, right up until the moment my twelve year old almost gleefully proclaimed ‘well that’s not the definition of edgy I’d use to describe you’ before waving a phone in my general direction whilst quoting from Urban Dictionary:


What this exercise brilliantly demonstrates is that definitions change fast in the modern world, and making sense of change without making a fool of yourself is pretty much a mug’s game. The truth for me, like it or not, is all these definitions have a relevance to what I am. In the confusing and often confrontational world of Social media, grasping what the hell is happening needs more than an infinite supply of caffeine and patience. That’s one of the reasons why I started the Internet of Words, and why this is a very thinly veiled attempt to get you to fund my plans for the future.


Twitter is not just GIFs and memes, though you’d be hard pressed not to believe that. The anger, foolishness and stupidity has, in the last year, threatened to submerge the platform completely. However, people like me see a future in using it to educate and illuminate via thoughtful discourse, and possibly the occasional forays into edginess as defined by the second part of that Google definition. Though I’m often accused of nervousness and irritability, undoubtedly drifting on occasion well beyond the realm of possibility, there is very much an earnest objective in mind. Since I was a kid, I had a dream of being a writer, and never had the ability or means to make that a reality.

Now that’s changed, you bet I’m going for it with absolutely everything I have.


Over the years people have offered to throw money at me to further my ambition, but inevitably would stop short when prompted. This time around, I’ve come to the table with a plan: Patreon allows me the opportunity to present a plan, work for long term objectives and present the people who support me with a constant stream of unique content. It began as blogging, but now there are short stories, poetry and essays in my portfolio, and although I’ve not been going for long, I’m already addressing a small but loving audience. I may never adequately find means to thank them, but I’m going to do my damnedest to try. I’m now asking you, person who’s randomly reading this, to take a chance on the woman trying to launch a career when most people would be thinking about early retirement.

I have big plans for the future: entering poetry contests would have been a pipe dream a year ago, yet I’m about to submit to two this week. Applying for mentorships might seem ridiculous at my age, but I’m well aware I have an awful lot to learn about writing. There are no pretensions about being accomplished or any kind of an expert, either. Writing is a constantly evolving, living part of every cell of my being. With each day I blog, things improve: I gain confidence and a sense of satisfaction, which I hope is evident in the work I produce. This is NEVER about sitting back and thinking something is good enough: always room for improvement, every day is a School day… these are not empty mantras, but the way by which I live my life.

Pledge to my Patreon by CLICKING HERE 😀

So, I’m here on a Saturday to ask you to consider taking a chance on the unknown. If you want to see what I’m producing on a weekly basis, there are three sites for you to browse first:

  • La Geek Qui Rit is my personal site, with a strong NSFW accent,
  • Internet of Words is where all the Patreon content is housed, plus all manner of other writing projects;
  • Alternative Chat is where I talk about Activision Blizzard’s MMO ‘World of Warcraft’

All that I am is pretty much laid out here for everybody to see. If that’s something you like the look of, then please consider a pledge to my Patreon. There is a $2 entry tier, and rewards begin at $5 a month.


I’m getting better at selling myself. As I do, the content presented will only become more accomplished and compelling. I promise not to overrach or promise things that cannot be achieved. What you’ll get is honest, forthright and at least edgy according to one of those three definitions at the top of the post.

Come and join me as I find my way though the perils of Internet living.

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