Highway (Under Construction)

Going away is always fraught with an element of danger, because with none of the normal things to act as distraction, my mind can wander. However, this brief weekend away has thrown up some really interesting possibilities. I think this time however, a lot of stuff has moved into focus, and as a result, it is probably time for a bit of a rebrand. Therefore, during March, we’re going to do things a little bit differently.

Prepare yourself for a much-needed site Spring Clean 😀


There are already things planned of an artistic nature next month: Wednesdays are Workshop Days going forward (and I have no idea what that will mean until I go get a brochure from the people running them, so watch this space) and there’s a couple of days booked at the Arts Collective where I’ll have space reserved to work without restrictions. Apart from that, I’m clearing the decks.

That means we’ll restart all the scheduled content in April, which gives me much-needed time to find better ways of presenting continuous output in a more accessible form. Certainly as the number of YouTube playlists grows, maintenance and upkeep of those lists is increasingly problematic. Ironically also the lists get shorter: it’s an education watching copyright robots take down stuff, or videos suddenly being marked as ‘private.’

You’d think some people don’t realise the Internet can be seen by everybody…


It’s getting increasingly frustrating having to do stuff piecemeal because I’m reacting and not planning sufficiently, and if my online portfolio won’t support the content that’s already here, adding to the problem will just make things worse the longer it is left unchecked. Therefore, rather than saying to myself ‘this will do’ it is time to stop managing with something that has become unfit for purpose.

There’ll be more details in the next week or so. Needless to say, I HAVE BIG PLANS.

The Long Road Home

Right then, today’s when I start planning what happens at MsLexicon 2019.


I intend to Blog the entire thing in 3 posts: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but not on those days, because I wanna enjoy it and not have it feel like a job. Therefore, there’ll be no more blogs here after this one this week, and all three of next weeks will cover a day: Friday on Monday, Saturday on Wednesday and Sunday on Friday. This allows for copious note-taking and digestion of what has been presented.

However, you can expect a not inconsiderable amount of live-tweeting of said event via the @InternetofWords Twitter feed and on Instagram. I’ll be taking business cards and quite possibly some printed gubbins with me, and am already playing with the idea of haiku-ing ‘in situ’ over the weekend (note to self: take PostIts!) A lot of this will be played by ear once I’m established at the venue. My check-in is 4.30pm but I expect to be established well before that.


After that, I’m pretty much in the lap of the literary gods on this one. I’ve never done anything like this before in my entire life, and as a result it could all get a bit scary. That’s why I’ve decided that this point is going to mark the start of a new chapter of literary evolution (plus why there’s a NEW GRAPHIC for the occasion). Everything that comes from this process will be learning.

Even getting to and from the venue itself has become an exercise in logistics.


What has already been reassuring is that I’m making connections before arrival: people have offered tea and calm if I feel anxious (and in turn I’m happy to do the same!) plus this gives me an idea of who is active on Social media before the event even begins. That’s been a really encouraging positive in all of this: clearly there are those who don’t use this medium in the same way I do. Knowing who does, and therefore who will be receptive to being approached this way is a really important starting point.

I have a day and a bit to get my shit together. This is utterly doable.

Play to Win

One of my jobs on Monday (21st) apart from finally starting the long-overdue Spring Clean of the house is to make a list of the various Poetry and Writing prizes I would like to start aiming for in the months that follow. Twitter has become quite useful as a means of working out where such things exist, and is slowly allowing me to build a plan of attack in relation to what is possible in the time frames available. Right now, there are two poetry prizes and one short story prize that are eminently doable. There have to be more.

Then, it is a case of believing I’m good enough to try.


There are people around me (in a virtual sense) whose self-belief and inability to be blindsided by their own shortcomings is frankly astounding. I read blogs and posts and tweets from people who seem to believe they are capable of anything, with parts of my brain wondering how this is possible. I’ve become my own worst critic when it comes to ability, and that needs to change, but this only happens by decoupling the fear and doubt from my equation. All this stuff about how you are supposed to sound a certain way, or project a particular persona is all well and good, to a point.

I am proud of my work, but I’m not an idiot.


There is a list of dates and deadlines, things to do when on holiday as distraction. There’s a Long List of projects to complete, clearing the decks as planning begins for a new route forward. I think I’ve found an alternative to Patreon that will work for me.

Now to start building a framework to support this change.

Hymn Before Action

This weekend, it is time to instigate some change in my working space.


The reduction in content and volume has been on the cards for a while: half this stuff never gets used, and I could do with more space. My PC desperately needs a clean, and I can schedule everything needed to publish over the weekend. There had been a plan to do some garden work but looking at the weather forecast, that is highly unlikely. Everything needs a chance to dry out first. These internal changes will very positively impact my working space and (hopefully) lead to far more productivity going forward.

It’s also way more fun than painting a fence.


I’ll document my changes, and be back on Monday with more novel gubbins, some new poetry and thoughts on how to sell yourself in the modern world.

Enjoy your weekend, folks.

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