This has been a difficult road after I diverted myself from gaming blogging. Having the confidence to write about my own subject, not using others’ content as a crutch… every step in darkness was difficult, and often unsettling. However, we got from there to here in surprisingly quick time. This is in no small part thanks to those who have followed me on Twitter for many years, and whose unswerving support I would find it hard to function without.

#frommetoyou 15

In 2019 I did a series of tweets as thanks to those people, but in previous years that appreciation happened using Haiku. There are two sets of 30 images: from November 2018 and 2017 respectively. Many of those mentioned in #30ThankYous and #FromMeToYou have subsequently moved on or no longer follow me. However, their influence remains with these pieces.

Never forget where you came from.

Thanks Poetry #1 Thanks Poetry #2
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