A Digital Selection of Words, Pictures and IMAGINATION

Patreon was restarted as a result of this idea: something I’ve wanted to do for over three decades. A LANzine, digital Zine full of my own ideas and output, presented to you once a month, on or around the 15th. Starting in 2021, we’ll run in a two months on, one month off format to allow the ideas a chance to fully develop and flow as new techniques are learnt and implemented.

Welcome to Precarious Epithet, just as pretentious and angsty as the title suggests…

VOL 1 : Ep 1 : May 2020

IMAGINER OF WORLDS: produced using my brain and a mysterious alien device that fell from the sky during the Pink SuperMassive Moon last week, which is now vibrating in an oddly hypnotic fashion. I’m sure I can hear the theme to ‘Lost In Space’ playing from the shed… I’ll investigate… [FX: Twilight Zone Theme Plays]

Vol 1 : Ep 4 : August 2020

I or We?: produced using my brain, Week Seven of a twelve-week FTP Improvement Plan from @GoZwift, a selection of resistance bands and the emerging realization the only reason I was doing participative exercise classes before Lockdown was the social aspects and not for any actual calorific benefit…

Vol 1 : Ep 2 : June 2020

INCREASING OVERALL WEALTH: produced using my brain, some shiny 5p coins and a substantive business loan which required me to offer collateral of six fingers, both big toes and a small portion of my left frontal lobe to science: it seems a fair exchange, and as none of these things are of particular use to me anyway…

Vol 1 : Ep 5 : September 2020

Infamy, Originality, W(h)it: COMING SOON.

Vol 1 : Ep 3 : July 2020

IGNORING ORIGINAL WORTH: produced using my brain, a facemask from @masato_jones and the ability to be able to look far enough ahead whilst I walk to avoid anybody else and maintain a constant two-metre distance between them and me. It’s really not hard if you pay attention: the problem is, of course, OTHER people can’t do both…

VOL 1 : EP 6 : October 2020


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