Hi, I’m Sarah. If that’s not enough?

Here's a Biography

This gets updated every couple of months. It normally includes the current best picture of me, because I do like to change hair colour quite a bit, if truth be told. However, it’s not that professional, only personal. It’s also copied wholesale from My Personal Blog, where a fair amount of daily wibbling takes place.

If you’re looking for the bits I’ve achieved thus far in my day job…


It’s there, in chronological order. I did think about listing all the submissions I’ve made over the last few years as well, but it would upset me too much and we’re here to be positive. This will, of course, be updated as and when anything spectacular happens, which currently is once a year or so. I’m ideally working towards reducing that frequency.

Finally, there’s a place for all the stuff that doesn’t fit in either of those other categories:


It’s lovely when you can make graphics for your own projects. Massively satisfying.

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