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Last Update: April 1st, 2020

PE Vol 1 Issue 1_ Imaginer of Worlds

The day has come. WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMAL.

Don’t worry, no April Fools’ gags here: I’ve launched fully into Paywall Content starting today. Truth be told it’s been happening since mid-March, but today is when the Internet of Words Patreon steps up a gear. Yes, there’ll still be stuff here (wibbling, weekly poetry, monthly short story plus YouTube playlists) but from now on, you will need to become a subscriber for anything else.

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This decision has been a long time coming. The future right now is not making things that other people can lift from the web wholesale and then sell themselves. To preserve what I’m doing, and to maintain the sanctity of ‘original content’, Paywalling is the only real option. It does mean that once the current episodic fiction piece is completed, that work will go subscription-only too.


However, there will be a remarkable amount of older stuff making an appearance in the coming months, so don’t expect to see this place getting all dusty with lack of use. I’ve decided to do what so many video games love in order to keep producing content: recycling my active resources, using existing backdrops and character skins in order to maintain consistency. This website will become my online archive.

It is also the ONLY place you’ll hear latest news about my adventures in Grown Up Poetry, or see Instagram content. It’s not all bad if you wanna keep up with me but can’t afford the subscription. There has to be something for everybody in the New World Order, after all. IoW remains the portal to everything I do: it’s just that now, things are ordered a little differently.

I hope you can find something you enjoy ❤

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