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Last Update: August 4th

We’re back, and it’s been one hell of a month away. You’ll have seen this graphic on the Instagrams last week: the collection that broke me was shortlisted \o/ If it had been successful, of course, we’d as yet be unable to talk about it, such are the intricacies of publishing. It’s a good thing therefore it wasn’t, because that collection’s now become the basis of new collections and different directions. Everything is recycled here, environmental friendliness front and centre.

You’ll be pleased to know that the two short stories that have filled our absence gap on Twitter are now up for your enjoyment, plus news on how things will be running here moving forward. We have a LOT of new ideas to present, and the acceptance that certain other ideas have run their course. Everybody around here could do with losing a portion of that excess body fat. I grasped the biometric scales readouts last Monday. You can’t escape the science.

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Precarious Epithet : The Digital LANzine
Volume 1: Episode 3 [Ignoring Original Worth]
published June 18th

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