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Last Update: October 22nd

This week, on the YouTube Channel, as well as my introductory video there is an actual advert for something very special indeed. After almost a year of faffing about, we have some actual, saleable product for you. It will help not only support site development, but help fund some important equipment upgrades (or in this case, reconditioned existing tech) so I can continue with the visual elements of my journey.

Pre-Order Curt; Urbane by CLICKING HERE

We’ll have a FULL SLEW of launch content for you, in November, including me, interviewing Me (you can thank Richard Herring for that idea) a full tour around the finished product, and the inevitable FREE GIVEAWAYS where you can win a SIGNED COPY of the pamphlet and the chance to have your own micro-poem created on the inside cover 😀 How exciting is that? I know, contain yourselves…

The site is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

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