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In January 2023 my husband Dave was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. To help me through what was both a sudden and traumatic process, I decided to write him a poetry sequence whilst he was in Hospital undergoing surgery. On his arrival home to convalesce, I presented this to him and after nearly five years of writing work that he didn’t really like or indeed enjoy, it appears that I have produced something that is ‘good.’

As a result, and with his permission, I am now sharing for a second opinion. 50% of ALL sale money for this Chap Book (his idea, not mine) will be donated directly to Cancer Research UK. If you wish to give a direct donation PLEASE CLICK HERE.


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You’ll also find below a section of published pieces available to read on the Internet 😀

Read two poems [Ring and London] in ‘Flights’ Magazine
[Ring is nominated for a ‘Best of the Web’ Award]
Ring is now also available to buy in the Inaugural Flights Anthology 😀
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Read All that We Destroy in Green Ink Poetry’s ‘Pyres’ Collection
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Read Famous Blue Metaphor for ‘Before I Turn into Gold’
an Online Leonard Cohen Anthology, produced by Fevers of the Mind
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This poem has now been physically published as part of the Anthology
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Listen to my appearance on the ‘Eat the Storms’ Podcast
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Read poems featured in the Acropolis Journal’s ‘Moon’ Issue
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Read three poems [You Assume a Lot] [Blues Explosion] and [ [Fifty]: /For]
in ‘Flights’ Magazine Issue 3
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Buy NeurodiVERSE, in which the poem [Nothing here is Working Anymore] is included
Click here to purchase from Flapjack Press

Read my contributions to Visual Verse: an Anthology of Art and Words
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By the Inaugural version of ‘Storms’ Magazine (which contains my poem, [Storm Front] )
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Read three poems [The one, Red Block] […and you are…?] and [And So It Goes]
in ‘Flights’ Magazine Issue 6
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