I hand wrote a book of Poetry back in 1986, when studying English at college. It still exists (over there, in that box of papers) after being unearthed at the time of an Open University writing course in 2012. One of the required modules was poetry. Looking back on it now, the whole experience was painful, and there was a resolution then that this would be a format which would be re-approached without prejudice and fear.

It took five years, but in 2017 I was confident enough to start publishing a daily Haiku on Twitter. After that, it has become a matter of practice.

Thank You Day 11.png

I spent a month in November 2017 writing and creating Haiku ‘Thank You’ graphics for the people who’d supported my writing journey. There’s now a weekly poem cycle, contest and mentorship applications… and the will to produce my own, unique work continues to rise. It’s the same compulsion that sends me to the Gym to lift weights and improve my muscle tone. Only with daily, focused repetition and effort do the real changes begin to take place.

This is mental exercise to compliment the physical.

Inevitability (1)

There’s also considerable satisfaction at being able to make graphics to go along with the poems. So much so, that I have a space for those now. This is a format I intend to go back to in the later half of 2018, selling my own works via Gumroad. For a selection of what has come before?

Random Quest

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