All of this [FX: gestures at website] began with storytelling. The original adjunct from my gaming website, this was built to share fanfiction (you can find it below) which, on the quiet, I’d been pumping out for several decades. Now, poetry’s become a greater vinterest but as those of you reading the Daily Twitter Short Stories will know, storytelling is still very much part of my literary landscape.

Therefore, there needs to be space in which all the fiction is stored. Once Patreon is bedded in a bit and I’ve had time to readjust schedules to the new way of working? MANY MORE THINGS will appear here. For now, however, there is still plenty to keep enquiring minds interested going forward. Whenever anything new is added here, I will do an accompanying Blog post as background.

You can select from one of the following HIGH QUALITY AREAS:

Non -fiction works and critical essays

Episodic Fiction

Fanfiction (Including BONDFIC)

Stand alone fiction

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