Welcome to the Short Story Collection on IoW. There are a number of stand-alone works here, but in the main these are the collected ‘episodes’ of the Daily Short Story that I publish at 9am and 5pm to my two Twitter accounts.

WARNING: Many of these stories deal with adult themes (including sexuality and violence) and should therefore, as a result, be approached responsibly.

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For our January Story, plus the whole of 2021:
The beginning of a twelve-month, fully interactive adventure within
the Ultra Reality Universe, including audience participation
and SO MUCH MORE (no, really, there will be)
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For our November Story:
Two people, hundreds of billions
of kilometres apart, can still be together… but,
can they keep their relationship alive?
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For our October Story:
Literally MONTHS in the making, October found YOU, MY READERS
the arbiters of what happened next, and how, resulting
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For our September Story:
Wanted: Person of Good Standing to assist with daily issues
appertaining to the numerical complexity of Existence. Must be
immaculately presented, punctual, with the most open of minds…
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For our August Story:
In association with Patreon
An origin story for the $8 Reward Tier
based in the Nexus Bar and Grill Universe
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For our July Story:
I was entirely to blame for the
circumstances that led to my own demise.
Please, do not assume the fridge is at fault.
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For our June Story:
Our limit of knowledge was a key to everything:
if you don’t know that the sky is blue,
how will you ever describe it?
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For our May Story:
A young man discovers that his entire life
has been leading to one, Earth-changing moment
engineered by his enigmatic boss…
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For our April Story:
Inspired by The Divine Comedy song ‘The Certainty of Chance’
Sometimes, you need to let someone go, with the firm belief
they will one day return to you unprompted…
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For our February Story:
In murky darkness, illuminated only by pale headlights
from a teen’s car, a long-dead body is tied to railway tracks.
It began as desperate action covering a terrible accident…
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For our January Story:
Take a break,’ they said. ‘Get away from it all,’ they said.
This is absolutely NOT what I had in mind, but suddenly complaint
seems… well, missing the point of my experience…
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For our December story:
For him it was Tuesday, a double shift. Everybody else was
celebrating Christmas Eve. On occasions such as these,
Joseph’s glad dance music is his only religion…
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For our November story [repurposed from August]:
The village knew this wasn’t the work of some angry god, but something far
more insidious. Disaster on this scale came only from the hands of men.
Or in this case, a woman.
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For our July story:
‘You can’t just walk into the room and convince a bunch of total
strangers you’re the Next Big Thing, nobody will believe you!’
‘Just you watch me. Just watch.’
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For our June story:
At the birth of their first child, a couple is faced with their own fears over technology, mortality and hastily rearranged plans for their future. Is shunning the path so many others are choosing to tread the right idea…?
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For our May story:
First it was the toasters and coffee machines that went haywire. The day the trains gained sentience, Humanity realised there was a really serious problem to be addressed… and it was time for realisation that for the first time, they were no longer the dominant life-form on Earth…
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For our April story:
A would-be Terrorist and a Policewoman walk into a Church… and so begins a relationship between two women that not only redefines them, but the rules of particular games both of them have hitherto been forced to play…
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For our March story:
Has national treasure and delightfully eccentric British actress Alice Hooper lost the plot following the car crash that was her last live TV interview or are there other as yet unknown factors at play? Freelance journalist Ruth Charles is sent to investigate…
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For our February story:
A relationship comes to an end in the most spectacular fashion possible:
Christopher Eastwood has hurt an awful lot of people, but only
now is the real truth about his life beginning to emerge…
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For our January story:
A woman is whole, but stuck down a hole… or is that the other way around…?
When you have no idea of where you are, how on earth can you
ever expect to get out…?
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For our December story:
This month holds no commercialism, glitter or glam, just a desperate,
never-ending fight to stay alive. if no-one remembers to celebrate,
how do you rediscover the Festive Spirit?
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For our November story:
Maggie Piper’s son has been sleepwalking for weeks, with no
obvious explanation for his behaviour. The truth behind his
actions is revealed from most unexpected of sources…
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Golden Balls

For October, we present something a little different.
Owen Chandler’s rightful moment in the sun has finally arrived,
but will destiny allow him the success he so richly deserves?
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September’s Short Story is a story of love, devotion, hatred, curses,
ego and a giant lake of… well, I don’t want to give EVERYTHING
away before you start reading, now do I?
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For August, it was time to go travelling with the Circus:
the last stop of the year for this particular group of carnies becomes
something far more important for a unique member of their number…
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Last Post

In July we offered a feel good story in contrast to Alias:
what would you do if someone whom you followed on Social media
suddenly disappeared without warning?
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June’s story is a cautionary online tale:
the man whose hobby is destroying online relationships is not
expecting a very righteous form of revenge…
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May’s story is back in Science Fiction territory:
In the battle of Man versus Machine for control of the planet,
neither side is aware of the true enemy…
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April’s story’s all Supernatural [TM]:
How do you remove the toxic ex-boyfriend from your life,
once and for all? With magic, of course…
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I Love You

March’s Twitter Short Story is also a Love Story:
A gallery takes possession of a controversial piece of artwork,
with surprising and damaging consequences…
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The Shape We're In

February’s Twitter Short Love Story:
In a World where men are the inferior species, love still finds a way.
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January’s Inaugural Twitter Short Story:
A young woman’s arranged marriage holds the key to an entire planet’s
political and social evolution…
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#2 of the 12 Spots to Moan Series of Erotic Short Stories:
A divorcee takes a much needed Italian holiday and rediscovers her existence…
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The Love Seat.png

#1 of the 12 Spots to Moan Series of Erotic Short Stories:
Best friends sometimes need furniture to move their relationship forward…
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The Key to Dreams __ A Dystopian Short Story

From the Book of the Month Series:
A desperate man will do anything to cure his cancer.
The key to his liberation becomes means to transform the World…
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soft reset __ a science fiction short story

From the Book of the Month Series:
In a future where men are extinct, is it a woman’s job to continue human evolution,
or does AI hold the key to the future?
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From the Book of the Month Series:
Riz and Dezi have crossed the Galaxy, ready to bet everything on their future together.
Is this final gamble worth the reward?
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From the Book of the Month Series:
What happens when an obsession develops into something
far more dangerous and consuming?
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