The Shape I’m In

I've spent the last couple of years raising money and awareness for various mental health charities, and promoting the events that happen (Time To Talk amongst others.) I also cycled for Mind last year and raised £500 whilst completing the RideLondon 46: thank you again to everybody who supported and helped cheer me on during … Continue reading The Shape I’m In

Poetry Archive :: Moss

No regrets about the crap pun in verse #5 ❤ Moss Small, flowerless plant seedless, simple leaves: clumped stems surprisingly dense. Dispersed on swift winds, beautifully fragile spores; yet hardy, stubborn. Cracks between old stones, surviving dessication: liquid renewal. Comfortable bed, thermal insulation, or growing medium. Moss’ sterling work untold uses: shady greens, non-vascular stars.

Poetry Archive :: Mantis

This week's micro-poetry was, it has to be said, summat of a triumph. That first line is what does it, of course: start strong, they say. Amazingly, the rest then pretty much wrote itself. Some weeks, you just get lucky, I suppose. Mantis Confession: I ate him, slightly tart, filling sex, then stomach; no regrets … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Mantis

Right Now

This week, I acted on instinct for the first time in a while. There are a PHENOMENAL number of online portals, websites and magazines that take submissions. A magazine such as Mslexia will give a vital insight into such places, but it is only the tip of a considerable iceberg. Countless places exist to send … Continue reading Right Now

All Time High

This week, sadly, has not been nearly as successful as last week. There's a major reason for this, that I'm not discussing on the other blog either, and honestly it is not relevant thus far to anything else here either. Except, of course, this major change in emphasis was inevitably going to have some consequences. The … Continue reading All Time High

There’s No Other Way

Following the weekend's revelation that my mental issues are scuppering progress on editing old work, we've made solid progress on a new approach to writing long-form fiction. In fact, as it transpires, this approach is a bit of a revelation: I speak a bit about the process on the Other Blog: it was meant as … Continue reading There’s No Other Way

Poetry Archive :: Laurel

We're having fun over the next four weeks by doing quite literal interpretations of our subject matters. In this case, it was incredibly easy to throw together five verses on the literal essence of laurel, both historically and medicinally. This worked far better than I'd initially expected it to, so much so it'll be fun to … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Laurel